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Paper Machine Press Roll


Press roll is the key parts in paper machine press section, and the paper machine press roll can divide into many types, so how many types press roll do you know?

Paper Machine Press Roll Classify

1. According to the roller material can be divided into: Rubber Roller, Stone Roller, Stainless Steel Roller and Plastic Roller.

2. According to the dewatering method are: Ordinary Flat Roller, Vacuum Roller, Groove Roller and so on.

3. According to the roller function can be divided into: Press Roller, Nip roller, Squeeze Roller and so on.

Paper Machine Press Roll Types

Rubber Roll: Roller material is cast iron or cast steel, roll covered with hard rubber. When the line pressure is same in press section, the roller with good rubber hardness, will dewatering large, but the sheet width water uniformity is poor, thus the high precision of the roller requirements is higher. When the speed is accelerated, the line pressure increases, and the hardness of the roll surface is increased accordingly. To ensure the flexibility of sufficient strength, the polyurethane is covered.

Stone Roll: Stone roller is high-quality natural granite or artificial stone. Because of its numerous micropores on its surface, the sheet is easily released from its surface. Natural granite bending strength is poor, shouln’t used for bottom press roller to prevent breaking, also shouldn’t too cold, overheating or local heat, otherwise it will make the roller surface burst, the surface can not contact with strong acid, alkali to avoid damage to surface gloss.

Vacuum Roll: Generally phosphor bronze or stainless steel roll color gluing. The vacuum chamber is welded by cast iron or steel plate, which can be disassembled by two idler wheel, the upper part of the vacuum chamber have sealing strips. There are two adjustment lever in the middle of the roller, which can adjust the working width of the vacuum chamber. The turbine vortex system in the operating side can adjust the vacuum chamber angle.