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Paper Machine Press Section Vibration


Press roller is the key parts of paper machine press section, but the press roller vibration is a headache and dangerous problem, it will cause the press section paper sheet nonuniform dewatering, affect the paper quality, so what’s the reason of press roller vibration?

Press Section Vibration Reasons

1. The press roller did not find a good balance;

2. The natural frequency vibration generated at a particular speed;

3. The press roller did not lift due to storage, improper use or long-term downtime, resulting in non-round roll;

4. The press roller bearing damage, no replacement timely;

5. Press roller drive is poor, electrical control exist problem; The pressure of hydraulic press pressure device is not normal;

6. There are soft spots on the coating roller. Press roller surface stick pulp;

7. Papermaking felt layer uniformity is poor, the plug is not smooth. The vibration caused by the fabric can be reduced by changing the fabric moisture content, the press load and paper machine speed.