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Pulp Distributors For Paper Machine

The design of the inlet pipe of the pulp distributor has always been a key issue for modern high-speed paper machines. In order to solve the problem of uniform slurry distribution in the transverse direction, the headbox of modern large-scale paper machines mostly adopts the form of cone-shaped manifold distribution of single-side feed.

Types Of Pulp Distributors

1. At present, there are three main types of conical slurry feed manifolds, namely bow-shaped cone pipes, circular cone pipes, and square cone pipes. The cone-shaped pipe distributor is usually composed of transition pipe, cone pipe and slurry distribution elements.

2. At the end of the last century, most of the pulp distributors of the headbox used square cone tubes, which have now been finalized.

3. In order to ensure the uniformity of the quantitative distribution of the paper banner, it is necessary to make the flow velocity and pressure of the pulp entering each of the cloth tube bundles equal.

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