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What Is Composition Of Press Section?

The task of the press section is to remove water by wet pressing. The ultimate goal of wet pressing is to increase the dryness of paper, to ensure adequate drying of the paper machine at the beginning of dryer section and to improve the running performance of the web. The press section has a great influence on the surface properties of paper, such as roughness and absorbency, and has an indirect effect on the bulk.

Device Component

1. Various types of presses formed by various types of press rolls according to different matching combinations;

2. Various accessories for pressing such as pressure lever system, scraper, jet scraper, water pipe, water tray, etc.;

3. Various accessories of the blanket such as the corrector, tensioner, spreader roller, guide roller and its scraper, washing and regulating device (blanket suction box, blanket squeezed water, water pipe), etc.;

4. Various suction and transfer devices of the paper web, such as suction roller, suction box, paper feeding rope, paper jet, etc.;

5. Rollers on the paper web line, such as the paper feed roller and the paper conveying device;

6. Pneumatic pressurization system and hydraulic pressurization system;

7. Racks and walking platforms, etc.

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