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1575mm Cultural Paper Machine

The 1575mm Cultural Paper Machine mainly uses wood pulp and virgin pulp as raw materials to produce high-grade cultural paper. The 1575mm Cultural Paper Machine produced by Leizhan has the advantages of good quality, high cost and energy saving, which is worthy of choice by paper mills. In addition, Leizhan can also provide paper mills with a complete set of equipment for the production of cultural paper.

1575mm Cultural Paper Machine Specification

1.Paper type: cultural paper
2.Trimmed width: 1575mm
3.Base weight: 80-100g/m²
4.Working speed: 40-50m/min
5.Design speed:60m/min
6.Frame distance:2400mm
7.Driving type: AC frequency fractional drive

Leizhan provides paper mills with high-quality 1575mm Cultural Paper Machines and other paper machines and pulping equipment at favorable prices. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to consult us.