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2100mm Cultural Paper Machine

With the advantages of high cost, high efficiency, and easy operation, the 2100mm Cultural Paper Machine produced by Leizhan has high sales at home and abroad. Leizhan’s engineers can design solutions according to the paper mill’s requirements for finished product types, production capacity, raw materials, trimming width, etc., to help select the most suitable equipment type.

2100mm Cultural Paper Machine Specifications

Paper type: Printing paper
Paper width: 2100mm
Base weight: 80g/m²
Frame distance: 4000mm
Capacity: 30t/d
Working speed:160m/min
Design speed: 200m/min
Driving type: AC Variable Frequency Section Drive

Leizhan provides a complete set of paper machines and pulping equipment for the paper mill at a preferential price. If your paper mill needs related equipment, you are welcome to contact us.