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3200 Culture Paper Production Project

3200 Culture Paper Production Project

Culture paper like A4 paper, writing and printing paper can be produced by using Leizhan culture paper manufacturing machinery and customized paper making solution designed by Leizhan professional engineers. Paper producer can choose commercial wood pulp, white shavings or waste paper as raw materials to make high grade fine paper, carbonless paper.

Leizhan culture paper making solution contains two parts: paper stock preparation and paper making machinery.

Paper pulping system

Paper machinery used in the paper pulping system contains: Chain conveyor, Drum hydrapulper, High density cleaner, 1st stage coarse pressure screen, Reject separator, Closed multi-stage floatation cell, Closed multi-stage floatation cell, 1st low density heavy impurity cleanerI, 2ed low density, heavy impurity cleaner, 1st stage fine press screen, 2nd stage fine press screen, 3rd stage fine press screen, High speed washer, Double disc refiner, etc.

Components of 3200 Culture Paper Machinery

  • Air cushion head box
  • Fourdrinier table
  • Suction couch
  • Suction move roll
  • Four roll three press suction combi-press
  • Dryer section
  • Sizing machine
  • Horizontal pneumatic paper winding machine
  • Operating platform, open-hood
  • Lubricating station, broke paper device
  • Mechanical drive
  • Frequency drive sectional transmission
  • Lead paper rope system
  • Calender