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Offset Paper Pulp Making Machine Manufacturer

Offset Paper Pulp Making Line Machine Manufacturer

Leizhan manufacture the whole wood pulp, waste paper processing line machinery for fine pulp making with extensive experience and sustained innovation. Leizhan expertise designs the flow sheet drawing and helps to choose the suitable equipments type to meet the various raw material, production capacity and end-products requirements of our customers. In addition, Leizhan also can manufacture pulp equipments and spare parts according to your specific demands and drawings.

Leizhan is able to manufacture the complete waste paper, wood pulp based offset paper pulp processing line and supply the offset paper making machinery for our customers.

Waste paper, wood pulp based pulp making line

Pulping: The waste paper moves by Chain conveyor to Pulper machine like Drum pulper, D type hydrapulper for pulping. The pulper breaks the paper down into pulp.
Cleaning: Using High consistency cleaner, Low consistency cleaner, heavy contaminants are moved out from the pulp.
Screening: Slots and Hole Screen are used for coarse and fine screening of paper pulp, light impurities are moved out.
Deinking and washing: Use pulp thickener and washer to remove printing ink and “stickies” 
Refining: During refining, the pulp is beaten to make the recycled fibers swell, making them ideal for papermaking. If the pulp contains any large bundles of fibers, refining separates them into individual fibers.