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Paper Machine Calender Reeling Section


In paper machine calender reeling section, there are always many problems, so what the problem usually occurs in paper machine calendering and reeling section and how to deal with it?

Paper Machine Calender Reeling Section Problems

Calender Reeling Paper Broken:

1. Paper tension is not appropriate: Check the speed difference is appropriate between dryer section and calendering section, calendering and reeling section, if the calender roller curved roll is appropriate, whether spring roller is horizontal;

2. Paper wetness and dryness is not appropriate: If moisture distribution is uniform.

3. The paper base weight, the whole thickness is uneven;

4. Small paper scraps or paper fluff are took in the paper sheet;

5. Paper strength is poor or paper defects is brought by paper machine other parts.

Difficult Calendering Leading paper:

1. Improper paper sheet tension control;

2. Base weight is smaller;

3. Moisture is too dry or too small;

4. Cutting knife become blunt, can’t cut paper;

5. Calendering doctor blade is lax;