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Paper Making Machine Dehydration


Paper machine dehydration is for wet paper sheet dewatering in paper making process, but some problems may occur in paper machine dehydration, so
What’s the measures to solve paper machine dehydration?

Paper Machine Dehydration Measure

1. Need to maintain a uniform slurry temperature: Temperature increase, dehydration ability increase; High slurry temperature will affect other characteristics.

2. Check system whether have surfactant or foam: Surfactants can improve dehydration ability, but excessive amounts can produce large amounts of foam; With the air in
the slurry will reduce the dehydration rate; Adjust the amount of surfactant or defoamer.

3. The amount of ash or filler changes: Filler does not absorb water but sometimes increases dehydration rate; Fillers in the pipeline will affect the
dehydration; To maintain a uniform ash and the first-time remaining rate.

4. Slurry characteristics may change: High freeness slurry will dehydrate fastly; Optimize beating degree to the extent permitted to maximize dehydration rate.