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80T Toilet Paper Reconstruction Project

The Peruvian customer’s paper mill needs to update the production line equipment, 80t toilet paper reconstruction project, the two sides communicated amicably, and finally determined the equipment required for the reconstruction of the production line. And Leizhan will arrange delivery as soon as possible.

Delivery Site Of 80T Toilet Paper Reconstruction Project

1.Delivery site: Peru
2.Delivery date: March 14, 2022
3.Ordered equipment: Chain conveyor, high-consistency hydrapulper, high density cleaner, mid-consistency pressure screen, reject separator, vibrating screen, screw press, material plug screw, shredder, heater, disc disperser.
4.Delivered equipment: Chain conveyor, reject separator, vibrating screen, mid-consistency pressure screen, high density cleaner and supporting accessories.

Some equipment will arrange a second shipment. Feel free to contact us for more details and prices on paper machines and pulping equipment.