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Inflow Pressure Screen Shipped To Hunan

Hunan Yangjia Paper recently announced that it has reached a pulping equipment contract with Leizhan, and Leizhan will deliver inflow pressure screens and supporting accessories. This important cooperation marks Yangjia Paper’s further development in the field of pulp production and demonstrates its trust in Leihan’s advanced technology and reliable quality.

Features Of Inflow Pressure Screen

  1. As an important part of the pulping equipment, the inflow pressure screen can efficiently filter impurities and waste materials in the pulp to ensure the production of high-quality pulp.
  2. The inflow pressure screen has stable and reliable pulp screening performance. This kind of pulping equipment is well designed and can maintain stable working conditions during long-term operation, reducing maintenance costs and production risks.

The cooperation between Hunan Yangjia Paper and Leizhan’s pulping equipment will bring new breakthroughs and innovations to the pulping production process.