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20TPD Kraft Paper Making Process


20TPD Kraft Paper Making Process is the process of paper pulping and kraft paper making, all the process need to be reasonable and effective designed, there will be some details about 20TPD Kraft Paper Making Machine.

Kraft Paper Pulping Process

Firstly, the raw material will be conveyed into D-type hydrapulper(C=3~5%, motor power is 75kw) for paper pulping, then the pulp pump transport the pulp into high density cleaner(C=3~5%, P=0.2~0.5MPa) for removing impurities by centrifugal force, next is m.c. pressure screen(C=3~4%, motor power is 37kw) for pulp first stage coarse screen, the reject separator (motor power is 37kw) is for separating light impurities from the pulp, then the pulp into Mid density cleaner(C=2~3%, P=0.2~0.5MPa) for further cleaning, then is the pulp fine screen of m.c. pressure screen(C=2~3%), finally the pulp will be conveyed into inflow pressure screen before paper machine.

Kraft Paper Making Machine

Paper Type: Kraft Paper

Basic Weight: 160-320g/m2

Trimmed Width: 1880mm

Capacity: 20-25t/d

Working Speed: 80m/min

Center Distance: 2700mm

Drive Form: Section-drive, frequency conversion adjusting speed