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Kraft Liner Board Paper Machinery in Pekistan

Leizhan-supplied Kraft liner paper machinery in Pekistan

Leizhan has successfully accomplished the commissioning at Pakistan paper and pulp plant  at the end of December, 2014 . The whole kraft paper making project contains paper stock preparation and pulp manufacturing system. All paper machinery and technical process flow for the kraft liner paper making project are progressing fast and smooth, as Leizhan has met the high standard of paper machinery of the Pakistan paper and pulp mill. And after the trail operation of the paper machine, the project went into formal operation stage.

Leizhan has supplied the following machine for kraft liner paper production project: BFW series Chain conveyor, ZDSD series D type hydrapulper, ZSC series High density cleaner, ZNS series Mid consistency pressure screen, PZ series Reject separator, ZSC6 series Mid density cleaner, FJS series Fiber separator, KH series Low density cleaner, ZNS series Mid density cleaner, ZDP series Double disc refiner, NLS series Inflow pressure screen and Square pulp chest agitator.

Moreover, Leizhan-supplied testliner machinery can produce kraft liner board paper at trimmed width range of 1880-5880mm and working speed of 150-800m/min. The kraft paper production project of customer can produce 45-750 tons of kraft paperboard.

Leizhan has become the leader full line supplier for paper making machine in Asia and Africa. Founded in 1980, Leizhan has 34 years of experience in paper and pulp industry and over 200 existing staff, more than 20 technicians, making it one of the largest paper machinery companies in Asia.