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Kraft Papermaking Project in Bangladesh



On Demcember 20, 2014, Leizhan supplied kraft manufacturing equipment with spare part and accessories for Pulp & Paper Mills in Bangladesh . Bangladesh paper mill selected Leizhan as the paper machine supplier in march, 2014, and Leizhan technology in pulp and paper making process leaves a deep impression to the customer.

The delivery of Leizhan comprise the whole kraft paper making system, including stock preparation and paper making process.

The machines required in the pulp making process:D type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Pulp chest/Agitator, Pulp pump, First stage mid consistency coarse screen, Reject separator, Mid density cleaner, Mid consistency fine screen, thickener, Double disc refiner etc.

Technical information of kraft paper machine

The net width of kraft paper machine has a range of 1880-5800mm and a basis weight range from 80g/m2 to 220g/m2. It has a production capacity range of 45-750 tons kraft paperboard per day with the operating speed of the paper device range from 150m/min to 800m/min.

Leizhan has rich experience on delivering kraft paper production solution and reliable papermaking machine to paper plants. Leizhan customized solution provided by experienced engineer can highly improve the runnability and performance in paper making process.