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Whole Stock Preparation Line In Egypt


Customer information

Customer company: Egypt Al- Karma Paper Industries

Address: Sadat city, Egypt.

Time: 2015

Project: Whole set of 150t/d Kraft Liner, Fluting, White board paper, T-paper Stock Preparation Line

Leizhan paper machinery company general manager came to Egypt and signed a contract with Egypt Al- Karma Paper Industries on supplying whole set of 150t/d Kraft Liner, Fluting, White board paper, T-paper stock preparation line for its new plant.

The application of Leizhan latest T-paper making technology makes Al- Karma Paper Industries becomes the first T-paper making enterprise in Egypt.

Advantages of T-paper making

Now, T-paper has been rapidly accepted and is widespread used in China market. It is similar to Kraft Liner Paper which can be used for producing paper board and with the advantages of less equipment needed, simple production process, low consumption, high profit.

Leizhan has developed the technology of processing wood pulp, waste paper, white shavings and so on to produce new paper products decades ago. Since then, Leizhan engineers have been continually improving and refining the processes, so that today we can provide technology to produce even high-quality paper grades from recovered paper.