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Auto-deslagging D Type Hydrapulper

Auto-deslagging D type hydrapulper machine

Auto-deslagging D type hydrapulper

Auto-deslagging D type hydrapulper machine, this is our company adopting new technology according to paper industry’s development and paper mills requirements, which has pneumatic valve, can directly send the reject out, compare with normal D type hydrapulper, save workers.

Traditional continuously pulping system should be equipped with many auxiliary equipments, and its interlock control is complicated and has a higher requirement of operating workers. What’s more, equipment investment is high, high maintenance cost and high energy consumption.

So compared with the normal D type hydrapulper, Leizhan specific designed self-deslagging D type hydrapulper has the following advantages:
1. Small investment cost.
2. Excellent pulping effect.
3. Easy to operate.
4. Zero maintenance device.