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Pulp Grinder for Special Paper Making


Pulp grinder is used to endow paper pulp with specific properties, to make it suitable for making special paper. Pulp grinder is a machine for processing wood pulp, virgin pulp and so on in paper and pulp manufacture line.

Abrasive disc-core element of Pulp grinder

Abrasive disc is the core element of refiner, it has a great influence on fiber morphology. Multi-alloy abrasive disc has higher wear-resistance and shock resistance.
Leizhan engineers help you choose suitable pulp grinder abrasive disc according to your pulp consistency, pulp breaking degree, wetness and capacity and so on.

Refiner is used for beating pulp with mechanical function, to cut the fiber in transversely and longitudinally. The higher the pulp breaking degree, the higher the finished paper evenness , and the pulp dewatering ability reduced accordingly. In converse, the lower the finished paper strength, the less evenness of the finished paper is, and the pulp dewatering ability will reduced accordingly.