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Recycled Paper Pulp Screening

Screening machines are used for screening impurities and contaminates for recycled paper pulps to provide high quality pulp. To meet the demands for maintaining best pulp cleanness and lowest operation cost, Leizhan screening solutions are specially designed by professional engineers for each stage of screening system. Inflow pressurized screen type and out flow pressurized screen type are designed and tailored screen basket and rotor are supplied for optimizing the paper processing system.

Screen machines applied for the following steps:

1. Coarse screening
2. Fine screening
3. Fractionation
4. Tail screening

Benefits of the Leizhan screening machines

1. High quality rotor and screen basket design
2. Low operation costs
3. Excellent screening effect
4. Modular design
5. Low energy consumption

nls-series-inflow-pressure-screen-(3)      ZNS-Series-Mid-Consistency-Pressure-Screen

Inflow pressure screen                                 Outflow pressure screen