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Screen Basket and Rotor for Sale

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High quality screen basket and rotor supplied by Leizhan can effectively screening and breaking impurities in various waste paper pulp. As the performance of screen cylinder and rotor has a great effect on coarse screening system and efficient coarse screening has a very positive effect on downstream processes, it is quite important to adopt high quality and efficient screen basket and rotor for pulp screening equipment.

High performance screen basket and rotor for sale

Leizhan supplies specially designed screen basket and rotor for sale and it can achieve optimal impurity reduction in primary screening. This reduces the load of the following screening stages and provides higher efficiency throughout the entire screening line.

Benefits of Leizhan screen basket and rotor

  • Higher efficiency
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Available for all screen types
  • Slot width 1.6mm or larger
  • Long service life
  • Competitive price