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Stainless Steel Slurry Disc Thickener

High Quality Slurry Disc Thickener Machine
Leizhan slurry disc thickeners are designed for washing and thickening low consistency slurry like mechanical wood pulp, waste paper pulp, reed pulp, baggage pulp, straw pulp, etc.
Stainless steel structure made Leizhan slurry disc thickener a good choice and economical thickening solution for paper plant.

Advantage of Leizhan slurry disc thickener

Leizhan slurry disc thickener is used for thickening of effluent sludge. A concentration of output pulp from 3.4% to 4.5% is normally achieved. The small footprint of this machine type and its reasonable structure design not only provide an efficient thickening process, but also minimize emissions to the environment.

Leizhan products

Apart from high quality slurry thickening machines, Leizhan also supplies many other paper production machines like pulping machine, screening machine, defiberating machine, deinking machine and so on for waste paper processing line.