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200T/D Testliner Paper Pulping Project


Testliner paper pulping system and approach flow system design have a great impact on performance of paper production project and quality of end products. Leizhan tailored paper manufacturing solution can highly improve the performance and efficient of paper making system. Leizhan delivers the complete range of machinery and services from individual equipment to the whole testliner paper pulping system and paper equipment approach systems to paper producers.

Machines contained in Tesliner  paper stock preparation project

Machines contained in the 200T/D tesliner/kraft liner paper stock preparation project: Chain conveyor, D type hydrapulper, Dump pump, High density cleaner, Pulp pump, 1st mid consistency coarse screen, Pulp chest/Agitator, Fiber separator, Reject separator, Mid-density cleaner,Long fiber 3rd low density cleaner, 1st stage Mid-density pressure screen, 2nd stage Mid-density pressure screen, Double disk refiner, Inflow pressure screen, etc.

Leizhan take technology and innovation as guide, optimum product quality as insurance and sincere after services as support to win a leading role in the competitive paper machine manufacturing industry. Leizhan can provide complete paper making machines of high quality and low price and create more values for the customer!