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Advanced Auto-cleaning Vibrating Screen


ZSK self-cleaning vibrating screen is mainly used for coarse screening in pulp and paper industry.  It is an ideal screening equipment for paper stock preparation system.

Advantages of  ZSK auto-cleaning vibrating screen

ZSK self-cleaning vibrating screen is researched and manufactured with reference to foreign advanced equipment. With  advantages of  reasonable design, strong screening capability, and good auto-cleaning effect, high efficiency, energy saving, low noise and easy maintenance, it is an advanced screening machine for paper pulping system.

Maintenance of ZSK auto-cleaning vibrating screen

1, Add oil in the bearing housing every week, change oil once every six months, choose 3 lithium lubricating grease.

2, Clean sieve body regularly, keep clear of sieve mesh.

3, Check screen body, sieve plate and vibrating part component regularly, dispose it in time if there are some wear.