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Kraft Liner Paperboard Making Solution

Kraft Liner Paperboard Making Solution

After a mass of kraft liner paper production lines delivered to paper mill worldwide, we can say that Leizhan knows the challenge kraft paper producer are facing. Leizhan has maintained valuable experience by working closely with kraft paper producer and apply it to innovation of development of kraft paper machinery.
By using commodity wood pulp, waste paper and paper board as raw material, Leizhan can produce various grades kraft liner board paper. Leizhan specially designed kraft liner/testliner paper production solution contains paper stock preparation and pulp processing system.

Stock preparation system

Waste paper are transported into Drum pulper for pulping by using BFW series chain conveyor. Then, to remove and clean heavy impurities exists in the paper pulp, cleaning equipment like High density cleaner, Mid consistency cleaner and Low density cleaner can be chosen according paper mill’s product requirement. Moreover, screening equipment like Mid consistency pressure screen, Inflow pressure screen can be used for coarse and fine screening of waste paper pulp.
Finally, after a series of pulping, cleaning and screening, the fine paper pulp will be conveyed to Headbox for paper making.

Kraft liner board machinery

Apart from the kraft paper pulping system, Leizhan also provides Kraft liner board machinery for paper producer to produce various types of grade kraft paperboard. The technical parameter of  Kraft liner board machinery as follows:

Paper grade Kraft Paperboard
Trimmed Width(mm) 1880-5800
Basis Weight(g/m²) 80-220
Operating Speed(m/min) 150-800
Production Capacity(t/d) 45-750

 Leizhan services

Leizhan is not only a paper production machinery supplier, we are also deliver design, training, installation, commissioning as well as innovative and customized paper manufacturing solutions  for paper mill.