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Paper Pulp Screening


In paper pulping process, to improve pulp quality and cleanliness, there will be processing pulp coarse and fine screen, for screen equipment key point screen basket can be divided into hole screen and slot screen.

Pulp Screen Basket

Screen Basket is important for screen equipment, Leizhan screen basket is provided with material 304 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel, the surface is hard chrome plated, sturdy and durable.

Hole Screen And Slot Screen

1. Hole Screen: Hole Screen is applicable to pulp coarse screen, the hole diameter is more than φ1.2mm, plate thickness is δ6mm-12mm.

2. Slot Screen: Slot Screen is applicable to pulp fine screen, usuallly is bar slot, the slot diameter is more than 0.1mm, plate thickness is δ6mm-12mm.