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Paper Sizing Machine In Paper Making Line


Paper Sizing Machine is for coating a layer sizing on paper sheet surface to improve the paper strength in paper making process. Paper sizing can divide into surface sizing and internal sizing, but the surface sizing is the most common method for sizing.

Paper Surface Sizing Function

1. Get good sizing performance to increase the paper liquid repellency.

2. Increase the paper surface strength, improve the paper wear resistance and durability.

3. Improve paper sheet hair loss, powder problems, so as to improve the paper writing and printing performance.

4. Improve the paper strength, folding, tensile strength, anti-layer strength, ring crush compression resistance and stiffness and other physical strength indicators.

Surface Sizing For Paper Making

Surface sizing is mainly used for banknote paper, bond paper, drawing paper, high-grade writing paper, offset printing paper and other high grade paper. For the large addition paper or the paper which is produced by small fibers and mixed cells pulp, need to use surface sizing.