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Slitter Rewinder Machine


Slitter rewinder machine is the important equipment in paper making industry, but the rewinder machine is easy to cause problems without careful maintenance. There are some frequent problems about slitter rewinder machine for reference.

Slitter Rewinder Problems

1. Slitting rewinder machine rewinding inconsistent. This situation is mostly due to the paper core inapplicability, as long as replacing the paper core with required inner diameter, and using winding roller in the process of rewinding, can avoid slitter rewinder machine winding inconsistent.

2. Slitting rewinding material wrinkle. This is mainly winding tension is not right, adjust the paper slitting machine suitable winding tension, use press roller when rewinding and the slitting material after press roller into the winding paper core.

3. The meter count is not accurate. This problem can be solved that the meter wheel contact with the feed rubber roller at the same time, and make a mark on the meter wheel to count.