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Waste Paper Pulping Process Machine Manufacturer

What is the paper recycling process like? What is the pulping process like? The fiber pulp produced from waste paper raw materials is the same as the virgin fiber pulp, the entire waste paper pulping process basically includes four stages: crushing, screening, purification, and thickening, and must reach a certain quality before it can be better utilized.
This article explains the whole process in more detail:The Paper Recycling Process Explained 


We manufacture the following equipment:
1.Shredding and pulping of waste paper
2.Screening and Purification Equipment
3.Cleaner equipment
4.Pulp thickening equipment
6.Conveyor and agitator
7.Deinking equipment: deinking of waste paper containing ink

We can help with setting up paper mills, waste paper recycling, pulp production lines. Turnkey project and individual machines are available.