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10 T/D Toilet Paper Pulp Machine Production Line

Leizhan provides toilet paper production lines for paper mills. The main equipment used in this production line are these: Middle consistency hydrapulper – Middle consistency pressure screen — Fiber separator — Vibrating screen — Middle consistency fine screen – High speed washer – Double disc refiner

Specifications Of Tissue Paper Machine

1.Paper type: tissue paper, toilet paper, etc.
2.Net paper width: 1880mm
3.Basis weight: 13-40g/m2
4.Design speed: 300m/min
5.Working speed: 250m/min
6.Dynamic balance vehicle speed: 350m/min
7.Production capacity: 8-10t/d
8.Gauge: 2400mm
9.Drive mode: AC variable frequency drive

If you need to build a tissue paper mill or pulp production line, we can provide professional services and full technical guidance. Welcome to inquire us for details and quote.