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100T/D Deinking Pulp Making Line

Leizhan leads the development of the waste paper treatment industry and launches a 100tons deinking pulp making line. The pulping line has the ability to efficiently process waste paper. Our pulping line adopts advanced flotation deinking, disperser and high consistency bleaching processes. One of our customers purchased our pulping line and he produced high-quality recycled writing paper and newsprint using office waste paper, writing paper and other raw materials.

100T/D Deinking Pulp Making Line Equipment

Chain Conveyor, High Consistency Hydrapulper, Pulp Chest Agitator, Coarse Screen Pump, High Density Cleaner, Mid-consistency Coarse Screen, Reject Separator, Flotation Deinking Machine, High Speed Washer, Screw Press Washer, Heater, Disc Disperser, Screw Conveyor, Inclined Screen, Double Disc Refiner, White Water Pump, Inflow Pressure Screen, etc.

Leizhan is committed to developing and producing efficient and environmentally friendly paper making equipment, promoting the recycling and reuse of waste paper, and providing customers with sustainable paper making solutions. If you also want to install a 100tons deinking pulp making line in your paper mill, please feel free to contact us. Email