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30TPD Printing Paper Pulping Line

The 30TPD printing paper pulping line is an efficient and reliable pulp production line that is widely used in the printing paper manufacturing industry. This paper pulping line adopts advanced technology and pulping equipment, which can accurately control the quality and fiber ratio of pulp and ensure the quality of printing paper.

30TPD Printing Paper Pulping Line Equipment

Chain conveyor: BFW1200, 5.5KW
D type hydrapulper: ZDS D23, 75KW
Pulp pump: KS, 18.5KW
High density cleaner: ZSC4
Pulp chest: ZTJ850, 11KW
Conical refiner: ZM-450, 110KW
Double disc refiner: ZDP-450, 110KW
Inflow pressure screen: NLS0.6-0.75㎡, 15KW

Leizhan can tailor-make a pulping line suitable for your paper mill. Please feel free to contact us if you need it.