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3200mm Tissue Paper Making Line

Everyone will use all kinds of tissue paper in their daily life, so there is a great demand for tissue paper. The mm tissue paper machine just fits the demand. A turn-key solution including pulp and paper making line for wood pulp, waste paper, paper board, white shavings, straw pulp, and so on processing can be provided by leizhan. And the turn-key solution is highly productive and efficient.

3200mm Tissue Paper Pulp Making Line

Pulping: Raw material like wood pulp, recycled paper will be conveyed into H.C. Pulper, D type Hydrapulper for pulping.
Cleaning: Heavy impurities in paper pulp will be removed use High- and Low-density Pulp Cleaner.
Screening: M.C Pressure Screen, Reject Separator will be used for coarse and fine screening of paper pulp.
Refiner: Pulp Refiner machine will be used for improving the breaking degree of paper pulp

3200mm Tissue Paper Machine Main Parameter

Paper Grade: Tissue paper
Raw material: Original wood pulp, Waste paper pulp
Trimmed Width: 3200mm
Basis Weight:14-30g/m²
Operating Speed: 160-220m/min
Production Capacity: 8-10tpd
Gauge: 3800mm
Tranmission way: Ac frequency conversion, partial transmission

Leizhan is a leading manufacturer of pulp and paper making line machinery, we can supply the full toilet tissue paper production line from raw material conveying machine to reeling machine, our service contains factory design and layout, the technical flowchart to the manufacture, installation, commission and training employees. Any interest, contact us: