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4200mm High-strength Corrugated Paper Mchine

High-strength Corrugated Paper Machine mainly pruduces corrugated paper and T paper. Waste paper as raw material is processed by the hydrapulper to form pulp and high density cleaner removes heavy impurities in the pulp. Then the pressure screen coarsely screens the pulp and double disc refiner improves beating degree of pulp. After the pulp is screened again by the screening equipment, it can enter the High-strength Corrugated Paper Pruduction Line to make corrugated paper and T paper. All the equipments of pulping line and high-strength corrugated paper pruduction line can be provided by Leizhan.

High-strength Corrugated Paper Machine Main Technical Date

Main products: corrugated paper, T paper
Quantitative range: 120-250g/m²
Wire paper width: 4200mm
Production capacity: 100-120t/d
Working speed: 140-200m/min
Design speed: 220m/min
Crawling speed: 25m/min
Wire width: 4700mm
Width of headbox lip: 4550mm
Track distance: 5200mm

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