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4600mm Corrugated Paper Making Machine

Corrugated machine because of its high quality and high output and has practical value.Corrugated paper has the advantages of low cost, light quality, easy processing, high strength, good printing adaptability, easy storage and handling. More than 80% of the corrugated paper can be recycled, relatively environmentally friendly, more widely used. The whole corrugated producing machine will be provided by Leizhan if you need.

4600mm Corrugated Paper Making Machine Main Information

Paper Grade: High-Strength Corrugated Paper, Paper Liner
Trimmed Width: 4600mm
Basis Weight: 100-200g/m²
Operating Speed: 300m/min
Production Capacity: 200tpd
Gauge: 5600mm
Transimission Way: Ac frequency conversion speed regulation partial drive
Pressure Adding Type: Adding pressure by pneumatic

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