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A4 Paper Production 30 Tons Pulping Line

Leizhan is a company specializing in the manufacturing of pulping equipment and paper making machinery. It has been committed to providing customers with high-quality paper making equipment and solutions. One of our A4 paper pulping lines has a pulping capacity of 30 tons in 18 hours, which can meet the production needs of large quantities of A4 paper and greatly shorten the production cycle.

Equipment Of A4 Paper Production 30 Tons Pulping Line

Chain conveyor – D type hydrapulper – Pulp pump – High density cleaner – Pulp chest – Pulp pump – Conical refiner – Double disc refiner – Accept pulp chest – pulp pump – White water pump – Inflow pressure screen
Raw material: Commodity wood pulp
Pulping time: 18h
Pulping capacity: 30t

Our A4 paper high-efficiency pulping line will bring huge benefits and competitive advantages to A4 paper production enterprises. If you also want to build an A4 paper production line for your paper mill, please feel free to contact us. Email