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Advanced High Density Cleaner

High density cleaner is designed according to the principle of fluid mechanics. High density cleaner can work in the process of high concentration pulp transportation, and does not affect the effect of de-slagging process, the pulp goes through the cleaner once,the accepts is washed by the back wash water the fiber loss is almost zero. The following is working principle of high density cleaner.

Working Principle Of High Density Cleaner

1.The pulp goes into the Cleaner along the tangent direction,using the pressure differences between the inlet and outlet to make the pulp do the spiral motion along the cone and generate centrifugal force.
2.The heavy impurities under the action of centrifugal force will be thrown up in the cone surface, and naturally move downward by gravity.
3.The accepts will be discharged from upper outlet .
4.Heavy impurities and some fiber will sink to the lower cone, under the recoil high-pressure water washing, make the surface of fiber on the cone float to the upper cone,the heavy impurity will sink into the slag tank.

Leizhan has rich experience in the production of high density cleaner. The inner tank of the high density cleaner is available in stainless steel or ceramic. High density cleaner has two discharging modes: manual discharge and self-discharging. Welcome to consult us.