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Advanced Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

The mid consistency pressure screen is composed of a body, a cover, a screen drum, a rotary drum, a base, a transmission part, etc., and the parts in contact with the slurry are made of stainless steel. The new-generation medium-consistency pressure screen developed by Leizhan absorbs international advanced technology and has the following advantages.

Advantages Of Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

1. New model mid consistency pressure screen is mainly used for coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp.
2. Many rotor blades, no winding, high efficient and energy-saving rotary rotor.
3. The machine can screen pulp normally under quite high consistency(2.5-4%). It reduces the amount of water cycle and system energy consumption in production process.
4. Heavy impurities discharge pipe makes sure the screen basket runs safely.
5. Advanced structure, sturdy and durable, convenient disassembly and assembly , low energy consumption, less loss of fiber.
6. Easy to operate, less malfunctions for continuous working, less maintenance cost.
7. Automatic oil injection device can reduce maintenance.
8. Seal water flow automatic detection alarm device makes sure the system runs safety.
9. Interlock system ensures the service life of equipment.

Compared with the general low consistency pressure screen, the mid consistency pressure screen has the characteristics of strong adaptability, energy saving, water saving and high production efficiency. Welcome to inquire for the price and details of the mid consistency pressure screen.