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Calender In Paper Mills Upgrade Paper Quality

As a leading domestic paper making machinery manufacturing company, Leizhan has high-quality, high-efficiency machinery and equipment and a highly skilled team. The calender is one of the key equipment in the paper production line. Its function is mainly reflected in improving the flatness and gloss of the paper surface, thereby improving the printing quality and increasing the visual appeal of the paper.

Technical Advantages Of Calender

1. The calender can effectively eliminate unevenness and uneven defects on the paper surface by calendering the paper, making the paper surface smoother.
2. Suitable for all types of paper, including cultural paper, packaging paper, etc., to meet the different printing needs of paper mills.
3. Through the intelligent control system, the surface of the paper can be evenly calendered, ensuring that every piece of paper reaches the highest printing standards.

Leizhan’s calender has become a powerful assistant in improving printing quality in the paper making industry due to its high precision, multi-functional application, and improved efficiency. Welcome to contact us for more detail. Email