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Chain Conveyor For Paper Mill

In the paper making industry, efficient material transportation is the key to ensuring a smooth paper making process. Our chain conveyors are specially designed for this demand and can reliably transport various bulk and bundled pulp boards and waste paper to improve production efficiency.

Advantages Of Chain Conveyor For Paper Mill

  1. The trough plate of the chain conveyor is stamped and formed with high strength and impact resistance, and can withstand heavy loads and harsh working environments.
  2. The two rows of chains are connected by long shafts into an overall design, which effectively prevents the chain plates from deflecting and ensures the stability of transportation.
  3. The baffle plate adopts a widened upper part, which increases the material throughput and further improves production efficiency.

No matter what type of raw materials you need to transport in your paper making or pulping process, our chain conveyors can provide you with a reliable solution.