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Chain Conveyor For Waste Paper Recycling

The BFW chain conveyor is a chain conveyor specially designed by Leizhan for the papermaking industry. It is mainly used to transport various bulk and bundled pulp boards and waste paper. BFW chain plate conveyor has the following characteristics:

Advantages About Chain Conveyor

1. The groove plate adopts stamping forming process to ensure high strength, which can easily cope with the impact during production and extend the service life of the equipment.
2. The two rows of chains are connected as a whole using long shafts, which effectively prevents the chain plates from deflecting during operation and ensures the stability of transportation.
3. The baffle plate adopts a widened upper part (400mm larger than the effective conveying width), which increases the material throughput and enhances the conveying efficiency.
4. It adopts orbital operation to ensure smooth and reliable walking and reduce friction, thereby reducing power consumption and improving energy efficiency.

The introduction of our chain conveyor will inject new power into your paper production line, improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs. Choose Lei zhan, choose excellent quality and professional services.