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Corrugated Paper Underfeed Rewinding Machine

The corrugated paper underfeed rewinding machine can rewind into finished paper rolls, with the required width and tightness according to customer requirements. The corrugated paper rewinder supplied by Leizhan for overseas customers has been put into use and runs smoothly.

Specifications Of Underfeed Rewinding Machine

1: Net paper width: 4700mm
2: Feed form: underfeed rewinder
3: Design speed: 1500m/min
4: Working speed: 1200m/min
5: Paper threading speed: ≤25m/min
6: Original paper roll diameter: φ2500mm
7: Finished paper roll diameter: φ1500mm
8: Basic weight: 100-200g/m²
9: Gauge: 6000mm

Leizhan provides paper mills with rewinding machines for large rolls of paper produced by various paper machines, including toilet paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper, and cultural paper. Welcome to contact us for detailed information and quotation.