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D-Type Continuous Disintegration System

D-type continuous disintegrate system is mainly used for the disintegrate of waste paper raw materials with high consistency of LOCC and AOCC, which are difficult to disintegrate. Leizhan supplies the complete set of D-type continuous disintegrate system.

D-Type Continuous Disintegration System Description

D-type continuous disintegrate system is mainly composed of D-type hydrapulper and Trash Well, Drum Screen, Hydrapurger, Ragger, Rope Cutter and Grapple. and other equipment:
1. D-type hydrapulper and Trash Well are the main body of continuous disintegrate system;
2. The drum screen mainly dehydrates and removes the reject cleaned by the impurity separator;
3. The ragger winch is used to remove large entangled debris in the D-type pulper;
4. The rope cutter is used to cut off the windings removed by the rope winch, which is convenient for transportation;
5. The grapple is mainly used to remove heavy reject in the sediment well.

If you need a D-type continuous disintegration system or a certain equipment, Leizhan will provide it for you. Please feel free to contact us anytime.