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Disc Thermal Disperser For Hot Melt Impurities

The disc thermal disperser is mainly composed of feeder, main shaft transmission device, dispersing plate, nachine body, base, proportional hydraulic system, position sensing device, lubrication system, and base plate. Leizhan will give you a brief introduction to how they work.

Working Principle Of Disc Thermal Disperser

1.The disc thermal disperser feeds the high-concentration pulp heated by steam to 80~120%Dc through the action of the feeding screw into the high-speed rotating moving disc and the static disc.
2.Pulp passes through the dispersing disc crushing zone, coarse grinding zone and fine grinding zone. The strong mechanical action, the dust in the pulp and the hot-melt impurities such as stickies and paraffin attached to the fiber are dispersed into fine particles, so that the ink attached to the fiber is peeled off from the fiber, and dispersed and refined.
3.The application of disc thermal disperser can improve the process characteristics of the fiber, the treated pulp is visually uniform, and when it is used for bleaching, it can ensure that the bleaching liquid and the pulp are fully and evenly mixed.

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