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First Choice For Pulp Screening Middle Consistency Pressure Screen

In pulp production, middle consistency pressure screens are important screening equipment, which directly affects the efficiency and quality of pulping. Leizhan’s new midddle consistency pressure screen continuously screens pulp under pressure in a completely closed state. It has the characteristics of strong adaptability, energy saving, water saving and high production efficiency. It is the most advanced pulp screening equipment in the world today.

Main Features About Middle Consistency Pressure Screen

1. It can be widely used in screening wood pulp, straw pulp, chemical pulp and waste paper pulp, and has strong adaptability.
2. The efficient separation chamber design enables heavy impurities to be quickly separated under the action of centrifugal force, improving energy utilization.
3. The raised blades on the surface of the high-speed rotating drum on the inside of the screen drum can purify the screen drum, avoid clogging the screen drum, and improve paper pulping efficiency.

Leizhan will continue to lead the trend of the paper making industry and is committed to providing customers with more advanced and efficient paper making equipment. Welcome to contact us for more information about middle consistency pressure screen.