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Flotation Deinking Machine For Pulp Making Project

In pulp and paper making flotation, the flotation deinking machine is a core professional equipment in the process of deinking waste paper. In the deinking system of waste paper, two deinking are generally equipped, and each deinking is divided into one and two sections. Which one to use, Leizhan will determine the plan according to your production needs, and it can also well meet the production needs.

Flotation Deinking Equipment Basic Data

1. Layers: 3-5
2. Consistency of ink: 2-3%
3. Ink removal rate: ≥95%
4. Pressure of input pulp: 0.14-0.2Mpa

Flotation Deinking Machine Main Features

1. Mainly applied to deink recycled pulp, it can effectively remove the ink, light impurities and stickies etc.
2. High efficient flotation, high consistency scum, less fiber loss.
3. Easy maintenance, low power consumption, low operation cost.
4. Only one set can achieve 4-5 stages of flotation, has advantages of less occupied area.

If you want to make the pulping process more efficient, the quality of the pulping is also very good. Then we can not only provide you with the flotation deinking machine. Guidance on use and production can also be provided. Any interest, please contact us: