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Flotation Deinking Machine

Flotation Deinking Machine is a new type of fully enclosed multi-stage flotation equipment. It can effectively remove the ink, light impurities and stickies,etc. Flotation Deinking Machine has high deinking efficiency, high whiteness of the pulp after deinking, good brightness, high ink exclusion (up to 3%), minimal fiber loss, small footprint, simple operation control, and energy consumption Low significant advantages.

Flotation Deinking Machine Technical Parameters

Type (t/d) 10
Throughput(m³/h) 256-1600
Layers 3-5
Consistency(%) 1.1±0.1
Production capacity(t/d) 55-420
Ink removal rate(%) ≥95
Pressure of input pulp(Mpa) 0.14-0.2

Flotation Deinking Machine is not only used in tissue paper making line, but also can be used in cultural paper, coating white board paper and other paper making line. Want to know more information about Flotation Deinking Machine, please feel free to contact us.
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