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Grapple For Pulping Production Line

In the pulping production process, removing coarse impurities in the sediment well is a key step to ensure product quality. In order to meet customers’ needs for efficient impurity removal, Leizhan has launched a grapple solution specially designed for pulping equipment.

Features Of Grapple For Pulping Production Line

  1. Our grapple bucket adopts a large-diameter cylinder design to ensure that the grapple bucket is tightly closed, effectively preventing the leakage of impurities and improving the removal efficiency.
  2. In order to ensure that the grapple can easily sink to the bottom of the sediment well, we have made a weighted design to increase the stability of the grapple so that it can complete the removal work faster and more accurately.
  3. Our grapple buckets are designed with the convenience of operation and maintenance in mind, allowing operators to easily master operating skills and perform maintenance quickly when repairs are needed, reducing production downtime and improving production efficiency.

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