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Heavy Impurities Slag Lifting Machine

The slag lifting machine is often used in conjunction with the high-consistency cleaner to transport the heavy impurities discharged during the pulping process. Impurities precipitate in feed hopper, through internal rotating helix deliver impurities to reject nozzle, and send them to impurity collect box. Leizhan provides the latest high-quality slag lifting machine, which are suitable for large, medium and small paper mills.

Main Data Of Slag Lifting Machine

1.Diameter of Helix: 260-360mm
2.Processing Capacity: 9-16m³/h
3.Motor Power: 0.75-1.1kw

The slag lifting machine can improve the working efficiency of the pulping line, and the treatment of heavy impurities in the waste paper is also a key step in pulping. Leizhan is the professional manufacturer of paper making machinery, welcome to contact us for more details.