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High Density Cleaner Efficiently Cleans Pulp

In the paper making industry, pulp purification is an important link to ensure product paper. As an ideal choice for high-concentration pulp purification, Leizhan’s high density cleaner is favored by many paper manufacturers for its unique working principle and excellent performance. .

Advantages Of High Density Cleaner

1. The high density cleaner has a relatively small footprint and large production capacity, which provides paper mills with more flexible space layout options, saving production space and ensuring high production capacity requirements.
2. The equipment is easy to operate, allowing production personnel to easily master operating skills and improve pulping efficiency. Its special design ensures that the slag removal port is not easily blocked, reduces downtime during paper pulp production, and ensures the continuity and stability of paper pulp production.
3. Due to the high-efficiency purification effect of the high density cleaner, additional tailing pulp treatment equipment is not required, reducing energy and resource consumption. This not only reduces the burden on the environment, but also helps reduce paper making costs and improve economic benefits.

Under the leadership of Leizhan, the high density cleaner will provide your paper mill with a reliable solution for paper pulping production. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email