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High Density Cleaner For Automated Pulping

Leizhan specializes in manufacturing various high-quality pulping equipment and paper machines and accessories. Our high density cleaner has a wide range of applications. It can be used for rough separation and purification of high consistency pulp, and can also be used for pre-machine and fine-selection of low consistency pulp. It uses different proportions of fiber and impurities to separate the heavier weight from the pulp impurities to achieve the purpose of purification.

Feature Of High Density Cleaner

1. Conical structure, double-layer thickened wear-resistant ceramics, strong slag separation ability and long service life.
2. Can remove heavy impurities and reduce subsequent equipment wear.
3. There are two types of manual slag discharge and automatic slag discharge.
4. The main body is assembled in sections for easy maintenance.

High density cleaner is an ideal choice for paper manufacturers to improve product quality and grade and purify pulp. We have different models suitable for paper mills with various outputs. Welcome to contact us for more detail. Email